David Howard Jones, 59 years


“Sometimes we need the urgent help of a new dental surgeon when we may be far from home, such as when we are on vacation or when we have moved to live in a new location .
No matter how many times we may have visited a dentist before, there is always some element of anxiety about going to a new dentist. F
I think as with most people I hope my new dental surgeon is going to be highly skilled. But when they show confidence in their own knowledge and abilities this also helps to make their new patient feel comfortable and at ease.
This is exactly what I experienced when I visited Dr Suwat Weereerat at The Dental Loft, Pattaya for the first time. I got an instant feeling that he knew his job.
After taking the necessary X-ray, Dr Suwat quickly diagnosed my problem and said it was quite a serious condition that would need a course of treatment over several visits and he quoted a price which I immediately accepted.
The entire procedure seemed easier than I thought it would be and I felt no pain at any time during the several visits. I felt comfortable and relaxed and even though a number of local anaesthetic injections inside my mouth were necessary, Dr Suwat is so good at his job, in every case I felt like I didn’t even know he had administered these injections until he said he had already finished them!
Something else I noticed during my several visits to Dental Loft was that the dentists efficiency was helped considerably by his dental nurses and this made the whole procedure over several weeks seem effortless.
I have visited dental surgeons in many countries, including United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia and I can say without any hesitation Dr Suwat provided results that went beyond anything I have experienced in any of these other countries. For example, the way he carefully matched the colour of my new Crown to existing teeth. Dentists, I have visited in other countries would not even consider something like this to be important.
I would even be willing to pay a premium for a dental surgeon that has the skills of Dr Suwat, but fortunately for the patients of The Dental Loft Pattaya, they receive world-class standard dental treatment at a considerably competitive price”

Pippin Roger Tuninbaker

“My name is Pip Tuninbaker, I live in Brisbane, Australia and I am 30 years old. I have been visiting Dental Loft for the past 18 months and I am extremely happy with the service I receive every time I go. My teeth were not in the best condition when I first went to Dr. Suwat, and were in need of some pretty urgent attention. I have had a number of fillings, roots canals and general dental procedures carried out. After experiencing the level of professionalism I have encountered during my visits, I decided to get some more serious works done by Dr. Suwat. He has put crowns on my top front teeth, and a bridge on the bottom front teeth, and I am happy to say that the results are nothing less than stunning. Having a nice smile has changed my life and given me a big boost of self esteem, as well as resolving day to day dental issues such as pain. I am very grateful of the work Dr. Suwat has done for me, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody and I look forward to visiting Dental Loft again in the future”